How to operate CookieIO aged discord Burners?

Aged discord burners are incredibly useful when buying bots that are not unbindable, this burners are incredibly unlikely to get banned, this way you can sell bots that are not unbindable. 

Steps to operate your Aged Discord Accounts (Burners)
As said in the product description email is unverified, meaning you should be able to log in and change the email address to one of your choice.

  1. Log in into the discord account delivered in your email address. 
  2. Click on adjustments and click on my account (Adjustments>My Account)
  3. Click on edit in the email address section, and add the email address of your choice (Make sure you have complete access to that email).
  4. Verify your email address.
  5. Then scroll down and change the password for one you can remember. 
  6. Change or add a phone number if you wish too, and make sure you have access as well in case you turn on two factor auth.
  7. Then it is done

You can change all of this details if you wish to sell the account (with unbindable bots and so).