How to keep your Gmails healthy?

The reason because raffle emails are clipped is simply that it is associated with multiple google accounts and no activity is generated, so it is sketchy to google which causes clipping. 

How to avoid account clipping? And how can I take good care of my Gmails?

  • Good forwarding: Good forwarding is the first step to avoid google clipping account, you need to work with a ratio that it is not too aggressive if you forward 200 emails to one and get all verification codes in one email it will take just some hours for Google's detection scripts to disable your accounts. In Cookie Gmails we use extreme measures for forwarding so this is not a problem. 
  • Activity: Creating activity in your google account it is extremely important, this shows google you just don't use the account for forwarding and that you really use your accounts. This does not mean you need to generate activity 24/7 on all accounts, you can generate activity on your accounts 1 or 2 times a week with a google search farming method, searching 25-30 keywords for 15-30 seconds. Will make a guide on how to set-up popular farming tools like AYCD, Kylin, and Essentials for this process. Cookie Gmails come with activity pre-generated however generating more is your task. 
  • Age: This is simple, the older the better. The older the account the more tolerable google will be with the account. In Cookie Gmails we offer older accounts as well as new accounts. Expect fresh accounts to last less than a week, 6-month accounts to last a month or so, 2019 account 2 months + and finally 2014 accounts 4 months+. This estimation includes generating activity in the accounts.