How to check that my Raffle Mails are forwarding correctly to my Master?

Set up your google form for testing: 
Video Tutorial 

  1. Create a brand new google account for this purpose. As this method will send plenty of emails and can flag your account. So please create a new one for this purpose only. 
  2. Go to this link [Google Forms]. And create a blank new form. 
  3. You can put any title and description, you just need to create just a short answer text question that asks for Email Address. Use this as an example. 
  4. Then, on the top right corner you will see 3 dots, click there and choose add-ons. It will open Google Workspace Marketplace and you want to type on the search bar "Email Notifications for Google Forms" and choose the one published by Google Cloud.
  5. Click install and allow everything it asks on the google account. 
  6. Click on the first icon from left to right on the top left corner and choose form notifications and then click open.
  7. Enable the "Thank you Email" function. And choose your email address field as your email field. 
  8. You can input whatever you wish on the subject and on the body of the email. And click Save Configuration. 
  9. Finally click on send, then look for the URL, enable shorten URL option then copy the link. 

If you want to check if your mails are correctly forwarding to your grand master account you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Input your mails in your raffle bot of choice: Make sure to consult your raffle bot guides, for you to know how to import your mails profiles into your bot.
  2. Select the Custom Google Form module: On the module tab (where you select what site to bot) you need to select the custom google form module.                                                                                                         
  3. Start tasks on all your mails: Run whatever threads your computer can handle, and make sure you run in localhost for you not to spend proxy data. (Form is not require Sign in, nor captcha solving)
  4. Input the link and form structure: 
    1. On the link box input put the link you have copied. (Your google forms link). 
    2. On the structure box input the next structure:        SHORTANSWER-[EMAIL]
    3. Start tasks.                                                                                                                  
  5. Check for confirmation emails: Log in to your grandmaster account and check you have all confirmation emails when your tasks finished running. 

Important notes: I believe most bots use that structure for Custom Google Form, if your bot wouldn't use the following structure, consult your bot's guides for the command terms for short answer, email (in the profile) input, and submit command as well. 

Method FAQ

  1. Should I be signed in into a Gmail to answer the google form? No, you don't need to be signed to a Gmail to do so, and it is not recommended for you to do so. 
  2. This method works with Outlooks as well? Yes it does work for outlooks, however it is much more difficult to count the confirmation emails as outlook does not put same emails in a group.  
  3. Not all my emails are forwarding? What should I do? You should contact your email provider and ask for them to fix it. If you forwarded them yourself, check forwarding. If you have fresh accounts or they are forwarded incorrectly there is a possibility for them to be disabled. However, contact your provider.
  4. How often can I do this? As often as you wish, if it is done correctly. Don't use sign in. We don't recommend to over use it whatsoever. 


If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate to contact us on discord or via email.