Gmail Sender Raffles and Gmail accounts care.

In CookieIO we are aware that this raffle schemes are being used more and more often, meaning you have to log into all of your gmails and send bulk mails to enter Gmail sender raffles. For this we have to take some precautions for not to get your Gmails clipped. 

Make sure you have a bot that supports this feature, don't even think about logging into all of your Gmails in local host and start sending raffle entries manually. Your bot should allow you to use proxies and save cookies for Gmail sender raffles. What does that mean ? Basically means the bot wouldn't need to log in to your Gmail every time in the proxy assigned to it, the bot would only have to log in one time and will use the saved cookies to log in the other times you want to use the Gmail Sender feature. 

Steps to correctly enter to Gmail Sender Raffles

  1. Choose your Gmails Find a provider that sends you all mails with email, password and recovery email. For Gmail Sender Raffles we recommend our 2014 Gmails as they are aged for more time. You can use 2019 as well but we recommend the 2014 mails. NEVER USE FRESH FOR THIS. 
  2. Choose your proxies It is EXTREMELY important you use the same proxy to log in into your Gmail for Gmail Sender raffles. And it is important to use the cookies saved for you to log in just one time. You could use DCs or Residentials for this method. If you do it in bulk I would recommend some very cheap Residentials, you don't need nothing fancy. Buying DC proxies for 2k or 3k Gmail Sender entries would be very expensive in this case. But if you can afford it or you have 1:1 proxy to gmail ratio in DCs, I would recommend using those as well. Use a provider you trust and doesn't change pools constantly, this way you should be able to use the same proxy with each Gmail. The important lesson here is to use ALWAYS the same proxy with each gmail and use 1:1 proxy to gmail ratio. We can recommend some providers by opening a ticket on our discord. 
  3. Task and category set up Every bot works differently, the only thing is you need to always keep your category in your bot, you don't want to loose to which proxy was assigned to each Gmail nor the cookies that where saved. Make sure you know how your bot works. 

If you follow this guide you should have no trouble with google flagging your Gmails. If you log to all of them in localhost, change proxies constantly, do not store cookies. In that case, your emails would be in trouble. 

Refer to our discord for any more questions.